Selecting the perfect gown to walk down the aisle in is a special experience and we are honored that you have considered sharing this special event with us. Finding the perfect dress for your wedding should be a stress free occasion and we want to help make selecting your gown as easy as possible. Below are the answers to some of the questions we hear daily from brides.

  • What is the starting price of your bridal gowns?

    Our cocktail and beachwear line starts at $320. Our bridal gowns start at $1485. We have a very diversified price range and can accommodate many different budget types.

  • Why do you suggest appointments?

    Each bride deserves a chance to roam through our selection of bridal gowns without feeling rushed and we want to make sure the day you select your wedding dress is focused completely on what you need from us. Getting a chance to meet with a bridal consultant one-on-one provides each bride with a chance to ask as many questions as are needed and for our staff to ensure that each client who walks through our doors finds the dress that they have been dreaming about.

  • So you never accept walk-in traffic?

    If we are not in the midst of servicing a bride that has set up an appointment, we would love nothing more than to help you slip the dress of your dreams on! So, make sure to come in and ask if you can look around or give us a call and see if we have some free time later in the day. We understand that a bride or a helpful family member or friend may want to stroll through the store for a couple of minutes to determine if they want to schedule an appointment to try dresses on and we welcome such traffic.

  • When should I order my wedding gown?

    Preferably six months prior to your wedding date. However, White Dresses can work with brides who have a much shorter time frame.

  • Why do I have to order my gown so early?

    When a bride selects a gown from White Dresses, we partner with the designer of the gown selected to help create a gown tailored just to the bride. The designers sold at White Dresses are different than any that you will find elsewhere and usually work with small production teams that are supervised by the designer themselves or their production manager. In order to field requests from both White Dresses and other retailers that sell their gowns, designers usually request around 14-16  weeks to complete production on a gown. In addition to the time that it takes a designer to complete your gown, you will need minor alterations. While the gown will have been made according to your measurements, designers will drape fabric and construct the dress according to a bust form whose curves are not exactly like yours. Thus, your dress will likely need a couple of changes to enhance the fit. The experienced and reputable alterations specialists that we suggest prefer to have between 4-6 weeks to alter your dress. This amount of time isn’t because your dress will take that long to alter, but because the tailors we recommend are well respected and sought after. Thus, they have many dresses to alter and will need to map out their schedule to accommodate the timing needs of many clients.

  • What if my wedding is only a few months away? Can you help me find a dress?

    Yes. White Dresses can work with brides who need a gown in a shorter time frame than normal production and delivery schedules. There are several solutions for brides who are in need of a gown fast, including sample sales and rush orders. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible so that we can help you find your perfect white dress.

  • Why do all bridal stores ask about budget?

    White Dresses does not group gowns based on price point. Thus, you might find gowns hanging together that are in totally different price ranges. We want to save you the frustration of selecting a gown that you have advised us is outside of your budget. We are more than happy to let you try on any dress in our shop, but we want to let you know when you are selecting gowns that are outside of the budget you have set for yourself. Allowing your bridal consultant to know your budget provides them with the ability to show you gowns that match your wishes in both silhouettes and budget.

  • Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

    This really depends on the bride and whose opinions she values when selecting her perfect gown. No matter who you decide to bring, make sure the person is ready to support you and make sure you are happy with the gown you select.

  • What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

    Most of the gowns carried at White Dresses are created with enhancing fit structure and skirt shaping slips sewn right in. Thus, our gowns work best when the bride is not layered with a corset. A bridal consultant will be helping you into all the dresses you try on. Therefore, you might want to think about wearing full coverage underwear. You will also need to wear a strapless bra that you feel comfortable in. White Dresses has an array of heels and flats for brides to try on with our gowns. However, if you have a pair already selected for your special day, we would love to help you try on your gown with the shoes you will be wearing!

  • I want to come try dresses on, but I don’t want to feel pressured to purchase a gown.

    White Dresses knows that purchasing a wedding gown is a big decision and our ultimate goal is to make sure every bride we come in contact with is happy on her wedding day. We regularly take appointments where a bride just wants to look around and talk to us about questions they might have. No pressure is ever put on a bride to buy simply because they set up an appointment.

  • What is a trunk show?

    A trunk show is when the designer sends multiple collections to a shop to gives brides in the area a chance to view more options. Trunk shows typically last only a couple of days and oftentimes gives a bride purchase perks (such as a discount or a chance to meet the designer). Make sure to check out our Events page to see what Trunk Shows are on the schedule!